According to a recent study released by Gartner, 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide their purchasing decisions.

This is what Social Commerce is all about – leveraging the social networks to drive your sales.

This is great news for small businesses. Why? Well, because unlike many of the more traditional marketing tools, social networks are available and accessible to all – big and small alike.

To help small businesses leverage the social graph of their customers, SocialShout! has just launched the first ever Social Coupon Tool. How does it work? Simple. Merchants install a banner on their site which allows their customers to generate a coupon code that can be used with their purchase. When a customer claims their coupon code, a Shout! is automatically posted to their social graph, thus generating real word of mouth for the merchant on the social networks.

True to our word in trying to help small businesses grow, SocialShout! has a number of pricing plans based on how many transactions they actually generate. We even have a basic FOREVER FREE plan for smaller merchants with less than 50 sales per month.

businesses, Word of Mouth is still (and will always be) the best form of promotion for any business.

To compliment the Social Coupon Tool, our main site also allows merchants to create their own Leaderboard to find your most active and connected customers and even upload your products into our store to share your offering with our entire community.

Want to join the social commerce revolution? Visit and get started.