I’ve just read a great post by Dr. Paul Marsden, Social Psychologist & Digital Ethnographer (I think that means he studies what we do with digital stuff!?!) on Social Commerce Today.

In it, he talks about how success in the area of social commerce has come via plugins – offering incremental benefits rather than revolutionary and disruptive changes. Highlighting a recent $151 million acquisition by Bazaarvoice, Paul argues that there is a real business in plugins.

I think he’s right.

Maybe one day someone (maybe us!!) will crack the magical code and create a true social commerce platform. Still, even then, the platform will need to be built on a firm foundation of Social Networks and Commerce (the name kinda says it all, right?). Until then, it makes sense that plugins will be the key to building a successful Social Commerce business.

Plugins are simple and easy to understand. Plugins can be tried and discarded with minimal side effects. Plugins mean you don’t need to change your whole platform – be it commerce or social.

Think of plugins like all those cool apps you see in Uncle Steve’s App Store. You install them quickly & easily, play around & if you like them, you’ll keep them. If you really like them, you may even be prepared to pay a bit of money for them. Social Commerce plugins can do the same.

So, we’ll certainly be plugin’ away with our plugin – the Social Coupon Tool.

What about you?