Temkin Group is a customer experience (CX) research and consulting firm. They’ve got lots of great reports and surveys available for sale.

The graphic below is from their Q1 2012 Consumer Benchmark Survey.

The thing that struck me most about this was that almost universally, consumers are more likely to take some form of action if they have a bad experience than if they have a good one.

Of course, we shouldn’t really be surprised by this. I mean, we’ve all heard the stat (or any one of the numerous variations) that tells us a happy customer will tell 1 person, an unhappy customer will tell 10 people, right?

So I started thinking about why we aren’t generating more positive Word of Mouth than negative. By and large, people are not bad. By and large, people prefer to be happy than sad. By and large, people want good experiences, not bad. So, why are we only sharing the bad stuff?

Why? Well, how about this theory….

– because we’re lazy!

Sorry! That’s too negative!! Because we’re too busy with our hectic lives!!! (see how easy it is to put a positive spin on things!?!)

There are just so many distractions in our lives today that we need to be really, really motivated to take any action at all. Unfortunately, anger/disappointment/annoyance, etc are pretty powerful motivators.

BUT…all is not lost.

What about if you could just make it quick & easy to share positive word of mouth? What if you could give your customers a tool to share positive word of mouth right at the point where they are feeling the most committed to your brand – ie: the time when they’re about to open their wallets (or their credit card if we’re online)?

Surely, that should help tip the scales back towards a smiley face.

That’s part of the logic behind our new Social Coupon Tool. At the point of purchase, merchants can offer a coupon code to the customer in return for positive Shout! out to their social networks.

So, some on. Help us turn that from upside down!!