Tell me this isn’t the coolest thing you’ve seen come out of a big company in a long, long time!

(Click the image to see the video!)

So what is KLMs Meet & Seat?

As they say themselves…

“Simply log in to Manage my Booking and connect with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Next you can see other passengers’ profile details and choose your seat of course.”

Sure, there will be some who have lots of privacy concerns, but of course it’s 100% opt-in. So, if you want to remain anonymous, you just don’t use the service.

As one who travels a lot, I tend to enjoy the ‘Me Time’ I get when I’m in the air. Having said that, I can certainly see the benefits a service like this brings by introduces an element of serendipity to what is essentially a fairly sterile experience – airline travel.

Finally, a question for you. Would you consider this a form of Social Commerce?

For us, the answer is a resounding…YES.

What KLM are doing is leveraging the power of the social networks to help drive commerce (ie: get more people to book a seat on their planes). If This Meet & Seat service is something I enjoy, you be sure I will fly with KLM whenever I can. At least until other airlines follow suit and offer the same service. Voila – Social Commerce

Happy Travels!