Sometimes I even amaze myself at how much cool information I’m starting to find to share with you all. I know there’s only a few of you following my blog but I can see that there are at least a few more of you reading it from time to time. Thanks! Makes it seem all worthwhile!!

Now, back to today’s little gem…a whitepaper on Social Commerce from the guys at Awareness.

Frankly, there’s so much juicy info in this one that it seems a bit silly to try to pull out key take-aways.

BUT…I know you you’re all busy and you need at least a few bullets to get you excited. So, how about this – let me tell you what the 6 Social Principles are that they’re talking about in the title of the paper.

1. Social Proof – which is all about following the crowd

2. Authority – following the leader

3. Liking – following friends & colleagues

4. Reciprocity – which is about returning favours

5. Scarcity – which is about, well, something being scarce & thereby being more valuable

6. Consistency – yeah, doing what you do regularly

There you go! Nothing earth-shattering in that, is there?

The magic is in how you apply each of these principles within the Social Funnel and with B2C and B2B Prospects & Customers.

So, do yourself a favor, CLICK HERE to download your FREE COPY and find out for yourself what it’s all about.