After years of saying, ‘I really should…’, I finally bit the bullet last week and bought a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones while in Hong Kong.

BTW – if you spend a lot of time on planes, I can really recommend them!

But what was really interesting was how they were trying to generate word of mouth for their product. Interesting because they’re trying both social and more traditional word of mouth.

The red card was inserted into the document folder type thing they give you with your receipt, warranty, etc inside. As you can see, they’re inviting me to go and Like their Facebook page for the chance to win – something.

Personally, I don’t think this is super effective. The official Bose fan page on Facebook has no mention this competition. When I type in Bose Hong Kong in Facebook search, I get nothing. So I have to assume I should be on the main Bose page, but it’s hard to be certain. Guys, really, throw me a bone!

Now the offline word of mouth tool is brilliant! Not sure how many French customers they really get in Hong Kong, but anyway, what it  says is, ‘Our customers are often asked about their Bose headphones by others. So, here’s a few cards you can hand out when asked.’

Great idea, huh?

If someone makes a comment about my headphones now, you can be sure I’ll whip out my special Bose card for them. Having the cards not only puts the idea in my head but also kinda makes me feel a bit important because I have something so special that it’s worthy of such a card.

They’ve even been smart enough to put the cards in a special pouch that stays inside your case. Again, two benefits – they’re always on hand AND always front of mind, every time I open the case.

So, kudos Bose on the offline strategy. Still some work to do on the social strategy, but thanks for trying.