Remember the guy who was credited as finding the code for a ‘Want’ button at Facebook?

His name is Tom Waddington and he’s the Code Monkey (their words, not mine!) for a site called Cut Out + Keep – an online community for crafty and creative people to make and share step-by-step tutorials.

Well, he’s now reached out to Samantha Murphy over at Mashable to highlight that Facebook’s code actually uses the term ‘social commerce’. The suggestion being that this is a sign Facebook is talking it all very seriously.

image from Mashable

Great news for us (coz SocialShout! is all about social commerce) and good news for any of you reading this because you probably have an interest in the space too.

Still, it should hardly be surprising. After all, with the added pressure to drive revenues, especially since the IPO, bringing better commerce functions to the world’s leading social platform is pretty much a no brainer.

And it’s not like they were trying to keep it a secret. Not so long ago The Zuck came out and said…“If I had to guess, social commerce is the next area to really blow up”.

So it’s fair to say, social commerce is coming. The exciting news is that this space is still wide open for someone to become the market leader. Our belief is that the leader in social commerce can not really be one of the social networks – at least not so long as there are multiple social platforms on which people play (and there ALWAYS will be!!).

Right, then we’d better stop messing around here and get back to building then!