Statistics – The science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures. ( Evan Esar)


Sorry. Just felt I had to start with that because as I was doing some research on this topic it really hit home how much the exact same statistics, when used in a different context, can be used to draw very different conclusions.

Anywhoooo, getting back to the point…

With more and more people using smart phones, these devices will be the key to success (or otherwise) in Social Commerce.

Feel free to disagree if you like, but I really can’t see it any other way.

This will be especially true here in Malaysia where eCommerce has still not really taken off but where almost 9 out of 10 mobile phones are smart (according to Gerard Tan at GFK Asia)

Now, to be fair, the ADMA Digital Yearbook 2011 reported Malaysia’s 25 million internet users spent over USD$29 billion online in 2010, so it seems a bit silly to say eCommerce is floundering. Nevertheless, if you look a bit further, this is mainly airline tickets (thanks to AirAsia) and hotel bookings. Want to buy anything else online in this part of the world, you’ll probably end up on Amazon and hope they’ll ship that particular item to you.

Trust me, we’ve been searching high and low to find strong eCommerce businesses in Malaysia to work with and I can assure you, it’s a pretty short list.

Malaysia isn’t exactly kicking ass when it comes to eCommerce.

BUT…where Malaysia DOES rise to the occasion is on smart phone penetration (as highlighted above) and the use of social networks, which some estimates put as high as 91% of the country’s internet users.

Hardly surprising then to see the numbers quoted by Elias Ghanem, PayPal’s Managing Director for South-East Asia & India last week in the Malay Mail. Here’s some key ones..

– Mobile Commerce to reach USD$1.1 Billion by 2015

– Mobile Commerce in 2011 was just shy of USD$150 Million (400% + increase on 2010)

– Mobile Shoppers median spend in 2011 was just over USD$150 (30% increase on 20100

Mobile’s Here. Social’s Here. Social Commerce? On the way!

Don’t believe me? Just look at the statistics!  😉