Imagine what eBay would look like, if it was launched today.

It would, of course, be built from the ground up with strong social functionality. It would also probably incorporate some of the highly visual elements of something like Pintrest. We reckon it would also take a minimalist approach to design, a bit like Google+.

What would eBay look like if it was launched today? Shook.

Shook defines itself as an ‘open auction house’ that allows users to create an auction online to sell just about anything and then spread it across the social networks. When you place a bid on an item, it’s automatically shared across your social graph. The idea is to make the bidding process fun, engaging and interactive – just like it is in real life.

We were so taken with the concept that we reached out to them. We got in contact with CEO, Niv Taiber, and asked a few questions…

Q. Why did you start Shook?

A. We tried selling a used desk on Craigslist and when we got no response we decided to post it on Facebook and see what happened. In just a few hours, it was SOLD! That’s when we realised that social networks could be a great platform to help anyone sell anything online.

Q. When did you launch?

A. June 15, 2012

Q. How’s the response so far?

A. So far we have a few thousand users. Sometimes the buy. Sometimes they sell.

Q. What’s your revenue model?

A. Honestly, it’s not really a focus for us right now. We want to make sure we get the user experience right before we worry about monetising it. Ultimately, we’ll look at taking a small transaction fee, say 4%, from the sale.

Finally, here’s a little bit about the founders…

  • o Idan Lahav, CTO

Technology passionate, has a strong technological background, studied Computer Science at Interdisciplinary Center. Former developer at Soluto, which aims to solve user’s frustration with their computer’s performance issues.

  • Niv Taiber, CEO

Born-programmer, studied Computer Science at Interdisciplinary Center, finished on Dean’s list. Former developer at InsFocus & professor’s assistant at college.

Go and check it out and let us know what you think.

PS: Soluto is pretty cool too.