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Cool your jets! Hold your horses! Hang on a minute!

We always said we didn’t want to just blog for blogging’s sake. We wanted to make sure we didn’t waste your time reading a post unless we had something to say. Obviously, we also wanted to make sure that whatever we said was relevant to our wheelhouse – Social Commerce.

Well, over the past week or so, we haven’t really seen anything interesting happening and so we felt compelled to shut up…until now!

You see, within 24 hours we got emails of blog posts from two of the smartest blokes going around – Seth Godin & Mark Suster.

Both posts essentially supported the same notion that we’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

That notion…


  •  you can’t sell tomorrow to people who want to buy today (to paraphrase Godin’s post)

Of course, then you have the Henry Ford perspective which famously contends…

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Steve Jobs was always a firm believer in this philosophy too.

So, if you reckon you have the intuitive genius of Steve Jobs or Henry Ford, go right ahead and build the future today – right now.

BUT…we’d recommend you give some thought to the wisdom of Seth Godin & Mark Suster, lest you find yourself being just a bit too early and end up having to sell tomorrow to a market that is only interested in today.


We just read a very interesting article from Yoni Assia, CEO of eToro.

Here’s his post…

How Google can overtake Facebook in Social Commerce in 3 Steps

As you can get from the title of the post, Yoni’s suggestion is that Google+ is ideally positioned to rule the Social Commerce space. Interesting, huh?

Yoni suggests that ads on Facebook haven’t really worked because the platform is highly personal at its core and so people don’t really respond to ads in this environment.

No argument from us that Facebook ads haven’t quite clicked (pun intended) yet, but we reckon this is more because we (and by we we’re talking all of us marketeers) haven’t yet worked out how to deliver the message on Facebook in a way that makes it more social – ie: more personally relevant.

Remember those first TV ads? They we’re basically a spokesperson standing in front of a camera, reading the teleprompter. It took the marketeers a while to work out how to create the right content for the new platform. The same is happening now with social ads.

Of course, this is part of what we’re trying to do at SocialShout! – deliver meaningful word of mouth promotion across the social networks. We’re trying to find a better way to deliver brand messages in a social setting.

Yoni talks about how the current search model of Google is geared towards low-cost/high-margin stuff and doesn’t really take account of many of the social aspects of promotion like virality, social proof, etc in their algorithms. Good point. He also suggests a few small changes they could introduce to skew the equation more towards social.

I’d recommend you read his post to get a better understanding of this bit.

To sum it up…

“G+ just needs to become the ‘Facebook for business’, the place to see what your friends are buying, and for how much.”, says Yoni.

Food for thought, huh?

PS: Thanks Yoni for a great post and for getting us thinking!

PPS: The book is not by Yoni. We just liked the image.

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