Full Disclosure – when we first heard about Payvment, we said ‘Ho Hum’.

Not that we thought there was anything wrong with it, but their product was basically a platform to create Facebook Stores and there seemed to be sooo many others doing that. Why would Payvment be any different?

Well, first up, they made it a FREE service – not only free to list but free when you sell too. If you want more detailed analytics and promotional tools, you have an option of paying $30 a month.

Next big thing they did – they created Lish.

Lish is where the top trending (not necessarily top selling) items from all the Payvment stores appear in a very Pintrest-ish way. Top trending products are those that are getting the most attention, clicks, comments, shares, purchases, etc.

Yes, it’s another social discovery site.

CEO, Jim Stoneham (previously VP of Communities at Yahoo) says in this quick intro video,  it’s like ‘walking though a vibrant mall with your friends, where you discover cool products at every turn and can easily buy anything that strikes your fancy’.

Now that’s interesting. This is perhaps the best answer to a question we’ve been asking ourselves for a while…

Q. Why, in a world where time seems to be the most limited and valuable resource we have, are these social discovery-type sites getting so much attention?

A. See Jim’s comment. It’s just like that shopping mall experience – without the crowds & the parking hassles of course!!

Maybe it’s just that simple? (we still think something just doesn’t add up though)

Anyhoo, back the the story…

There’s so many other things to like about Lish

– the cool landing page

– the THREE emoticons (we love the simplicity of these and the novelty of this ‘meh’ face!)

– the invite only sign up process that creates a sense of exclusivity (see below)

– the simple payment process (via PayPal)

–  and of course that highly visual main page (see below)

We’re not sure about the absence of a Search feature though. True, it’s consistent with the discovery aspects of the site. Also, Lish does have a few very board categories at the top of the page, which can help narrow down the stuff you’re looking at, but some people still like to go right to what they’re looking for.

Our opinion is if the visuals are appealing enough, most people will still scroll through for a while anyway on their own little discovery journey. However, when the novelty wears off, you want to get to what you want, buy it and then get back to work before your boss walks past your desk!

That would be an interesting stat. How many purchases on Lish are made at work?

Final point, maybe not significant to the overall success of Lish but it harks back to Jim’s comment about discovering cool stuff. What is cool?

Frankly speaking, with the possible exception of a couple of interesting jewellery items, we didn’t find anything especially cool. Maybe there’s a good opportunity here for some celebrity factor? One of the categories could be ‘Celebrity’ and there you can see what’s trending with your favourite celebs.

Maybe ‘cool’ isn’t critical but ‘relevant’ is.

The key to long term success for the likes of Lish is making that social discovery relevant to me before they lose my attention.

Judging from the rapid learning and evolution of this company so far, we’re pretty sure they’ll get there (or maybe ‘stay there’ is more apt!).