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Now THIS is pretty cool.

The funky folks at Target (pronounced ‘Tar-jey’, if you want to make it sound a bit posh!?!) have just launched Falling For You.

What is it?

Well, they call it a short film but it’s really presented as a series of short episodes (Episode 1 is just 3 mins long – smart!) to be viewed online.

What’s the movie about?

Not sure actually. That’s not really the point anyway.

What Falling For You is really all about is selling products.

You see, as the film progresses, on the right of the screen, you’re shown a list of all the items from the scene that you can buy from Target. Click on an item as it appears and it will be added to your favourites.  Then, when the episode finishes you can check out your favourites, share them on Facebook, Twitter & Pintrest and then of course, the ultimate goal, go on to buy them – either online or in a Target store.

Cool! Huh?

What’s interesting to us is that the only true Social Commerce aspects of this thing is in the sharing or pining of the items.  It wouldn’t be a huge step to make the whole experience story a lot more social and interactive. Here’s a few ideas…

–          Viewers vote on what the characters will do next

–          Viewers vote on what clothes the characters will wear

–          Viewers ‘Build a Scene’ by selecting stuff from Target

The biggest challenge Target will have with this is making sure the story and the characters are compelling enough to keep viewers engaged. The big name enlisted so far is Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, You Again) but even so, the first episode wasn’t exactly edge of the seat stuff – if you know what we mean 😉

Nevertheless, kudos to Target for a great initiative!


In a recent post on Business2Community, Tom Bishop suggested that social networks are more like a playground than a shopping mall. The anaology was made to highlight the argument that direct selling on social networks doesn’t really work. The suggestion being that people don’t go to social networks to shop.

We do agree with Tom that social networks are certainly not a place for the hard sell. Maybe they’re not even a place to buy. But they certainly are a place to shop.

Shopping is the process of looking for something to buy.

So whilst you may not want to buy on the social networks, it sure makes sense to shop there.

Here’s our comment on Tom’s post….

Hey Tom!

Thanks for the post.

Totally agree with your premise that the social networks are not a place for the hard sell – or selling an old jalopy at a kid’s birthday!?!?

To use your analogy, though, I’d argue that social media is indeed much more like a shopping mall than a playground.

People go to malls for much more than the direct sale experience. They go to gather and wander and explore. They go to see what everyone else is wearing and buying. They go to contrast and compare. They go to interact with brands, products and people.

All of this, in my mind, proves the value of social networks in driving commerce.

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