Earlier this week Gavin Michael, Chief Technology Innovation Officer at Accenture wrote a great post on Fortune Tech about The new rules of Social Commerce. Gavin suggested that so far most companies efforts at Social Commerce have really been ‘brochureware’ – ie: just copy/paste what they did on the eComm site or copy the actions they take with their traditional marketing and that’s all they’d really do.

As we’ve spoken about a few times here (and as Gavin himself suggested) that’s just like things were when the internet first started. There were no rules or guidelines for the early movers so everyone just had to kinda work it out as they went along. So, it’s ok that there’s still lots missing in companies Social Commerce strategies.

What we want to try to do here, is help you learn from the lessons of the early movers and see what you can take to apply to your own business.

Enter Tesco.

You’ll probably recall they came up with that really cool Subway Supermarket concept in Korea a while ago.


Well, now they’ve done something a little less dramatic, but nonetheless equally interesting – at least in terms of the results.

For Tesco’s ‘Share & Earn’ campaign they created a simple Facebook App that encouraged their members to share products from the store across their social networks. Whenever a friend clicked one of those links and made a purchase, the advocate earned bonus Clubcard Points (Tesco’s loyalty programme).

The result? Social Sharing of products on Tesco’s Facebook page went from 26% to 54% of all comments posted. That’s an increase of over 100%!

Morever, general sentiment also increased with ‘Positive Buzz’ soaring to 63% after being only 44% a week earlier.

And what did all this noise create in terms of real, direct sales?

No idea! Sorry, we aren’t able to get that information.

But like Gavin says in his article, Social commerce needs to become an “and,” not an “or.” It’s not a magical cure for all you business woes. Instead, it’s all about common tools and strategies deployed across multiple sites, apps, platforms and fora to give targeted customers specific and rich experiences.


Special Thanks to Leonie Bulman at wavemetrix for the news and results of Tesco’s social experiment.